Anti-Ageing Skin Care Experts

Is it time for a new approach in how you treat your Skin?

Skin Science - the art of ageing well.

Skin Science - the art of allowing the skin to heal and rejuvenate

Skin Science - the art of achieving and maintaining optimal skin health.

The Mskin approach is to look at your skin, holistically and scientifically.  Bringing the two worlds together with a synergistic approach which we call Skin Science.  We look forward to you joining us.

MSkin -  Skincare Confidence 

Have you lost all confidence in your skin?

Have all those Anti-Aging skincare remedies you’ve tried in the past been a waste of time and money? 

Do you still have dark circles under your eyes, uneven skin tones, pigmentation and lines around your mouth!

If this is how you are feeling, it’s time to book a face-to-face consultation with a highly trained and skilled  professional Skincare therapist at MSKIN. We will use the most up-to-date skin technology investigation tools to formulate the right prescription for your unique skin type and help you understand your skin.

What We Offer

The Skin Cabin

This is where the magic happens.  

Based on the skin cabins in France, this pod is located in the award-winning Hair Salon M11, Newmarket.  This high-tech pod insures that you are our primary focus completely secluded from the stresses of the outside world.  This Pod provides a session free from all visual and physical distractions.

Contact us

Phone: 021-710 716

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11 Mccoll Street, Newmarket

Inside MHair


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