What our clients say

Emma - Auckland

"The best investment in my skin journey has been my Truedermal Glow Mask. The different light options help me keep my skin feeling plump and clear. I always feel so at ease in Jo’s experienced hands. Her superior knowledge of skincare has given my skin a new glow it’s never had before. "

Crystal - Auckland

"It was my first time experiencing Cosmelan 1 about 3 months ago. It was quite intense on my face to start with however one month later, I found Cosmelan combos 1&2 really helped to reduce my pigmentation and big pores. I m very happy with my results. Thanks Jo"

Simone - Auckland

"Jo is amazing, she makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable. Her years of experience show through with her treatments and product recommendations. I’m currently doing the CACI Eye Revive treatment and have seen great results so far, a decrease in puffiness, fine lines and dark circles. I would highly recommend Jo, I look forward to trying other treatments she has available. "

Sagun - Auckland

“I love the Advanced Treatment I have been getting from Jo. I wish I had started earlier! Love the products Jo uses, the obvious passion with which she does her work and the extras she generously throws in every time I see her - I always come out feeling super relaxed after Jo has worked her magic hands on my face and neck😊.” 

Nicole - Auckland

"Jo was recommended to me by a good friend, I could not be happier!  Jo is the type of skin care expert you wish all experts to be.  Her knowledge of skin types and products is vast but I never feel pressured to purchase anything.  In terms of my skin, it is the best it has been in years.  Problems that I have had for years have now gone, I hardly wear makeup anymore and often get compliments on how great my skin looks. Jo is the best-kept secret!!!” 

Jess - Auckland

Thank you Jo.

"Not just for your treatments, but for your integrity too.  You have stopped me from buying far too many products in the hope that the more I put on my face, the brighter and younger I will look.  Your edit on my skincare confirms less can definitely be more."

Jo is a true professional with an incredible gift.  I was recommended by a friend after becoming frustrated with generic treatments and complacent treatment providers - I haven't looked back since my first appointment.  Amazing every time.

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