BioSkin Omega Rich Face Wash



Bioskin Face Wash is a natural wash to gently cleanse all impurities from dry, itchy and sensitive skin. Water can further dehydrate the skin, so having a Face Cleanser that takes care of the skin in a gently way is extremely important. Our ‘nasties-free’ nutrient-rich formulation will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Containing gorgeous natural oils and extracts like Argan, Witch Hazel and Green Tea, the Omega Rich Face Wash will make your skin feeling deeply nourished and hydrated.


When suffering from dry skin, try and keep the shower at a lukewarm temperature as hot water can dehydrate the skin even further. Apply the Face Wash to damp skin and massage it in. Leave it on the skin for a short while. Rinse off and dab dry. Be aware our Face Wash will not lather as much as you might be used to. We use natural foaming agents which will create a lovely gentle foam when used.  

Use in conjunction with other Bioskin products for maximum results.

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